Mary Kubisewsky talks to Peter and Kathleen about the benefits of thermography for earlier screening of inflammation that leads to breast cancer.  phone 519-575-6801

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Breast Thermography has been researched for over 30 years, and over 800 peer-reviewed breast thermography studies exist in the index-medicus. In this database, well over 250,000 women have been included as study participants. Some of these studies have followed patients up to 12 years. Breast thermography has an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%.

Studies show that:
•An abnormal infrared image is the single-most-important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer.
•A persistent abnormal thermogram carries with it a 22 times higher risk of future breast cancer.
•When thermography is added to a woman's regular breast health checkup, a 61% increase in survival rate has been realized.
•Finally, when used as part of a multimodal approach (clinical examination + mammography + thermography), 95% of early-stage cancers will be detected

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