Efrat Cohen, founder of ProPostureUs and a hybrid office specialist, provides Physical Therapy based corporate wellness services. Efrat created and de...View Details

Shellee Howard founder of CollegeReadyPlan talks about the importance of planning the educational, financial and social aspects of your university edu...View Details

In this episode of The Yakking Show, we're talking about video marketing with Carlton Brunton, founder of Brunton Media.! Video marketing is one of th...View Details

Deborah Vick is a keynote speaker, author, patient advocate, inclusion consultant and spokesperson for marginalized women. In this episode, she discus...View Details

Jackie Thomas talks to Peter and Kathleen about networking post-lockdown, networking etiquette - building relationships and how her wide network of co...View Details

Elona Lopari, host of The Life School Masterclass Show talks to Peter and Kathleen about how she coaches entrepreneurs to achieve success, her experie...View Details

Peak Performance Coach, Speaker, and Author, Colleen Biggs talks to Peter and Kathleen about Elite versus ordinary performers, dealing with the mundan...View Details

Linda Chinman Pollock Founder of Setting The Stage talks to Peter and Kathleen about helping people modify their homes to live safely as they get olde...View Details

Ron Reich, founder of RLB Training and Development talks to Peter and Kathleen about the importance of emotional intelligence for effective leadership...View Details

European speaking champion Kyle Murtagh speaks to Peter and Kathleen about overcoming fear, becoming a successful public speaker and building a busine...View Details

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