Archive for August 2020

Chris Morrice talks to Peter & Kathleen about the benefits of a legal aid plan, identity theft, wills and powers of attorney. https://camorrice.we...View Details

Lexi Meklensek talks to Peter & Kathleen about her career in radio and how she can help businesses with targeted radio advertising campaigns. emai...View Details

Kathleen is on the interviewee side of this episode with business partner Mary Palamarevic talking about how Karytech Solutions can help businesses wh...View Details

Lori Straus talks to Peter and Kathleen about her career as a freelance copywriter and author. She shares valuable tips on working from home, tools to...View Details

Coach and Workplace Health Strategist Lucie Fournier talks to Peter and Kathleen about coaching, spirituality and how coaches can help us with the eff...View Details

Paralegal Barrett Beaudoin talks to Peter and Kathleen about the quarantine law and the mandatory mask-wearing bylaws that have been introduced in 202...View Details

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