Archive for July 2020

Peter and Kathleen talk to video strategist Sheryl Plouffe about video marketing, content creation, marketing during the coronavirus shutdown, authent...View Details

Peter and Kathleen talk to John Vice and Alex Presenza founders of Nursinghomesarenot They also talk about the Seniors Guardian Angels.  ...View Details

Peter and Kathleen talk about the apps and tools we use to improve our productivity and save time. Calendly, Quuu, Social Chief, Slack, Streak, Vidyar...View Details

Peter & Kathleen talk to guest J.L. Callison about his life, his writing and his books. The Yakking podcast is brought to you b...View Details

Mark Hultgren talks to Peter about his careers in Engineering and website design, website hosting and reputation marketing. We touch on future develop...View Details

Barrett Beaudoin talks to Peter and Kathleen about the differences between the services and responsibilities of a paralegal and how these differ from ...View Details

Melisa Pearce talks to Peter and Kathleen about her life as a teacher, author, psychotherapist and pioneer in the field of the human/horse healing. h...View Details

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