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Phil Cobb talks about his life as a newspaperman, corporate manager, business owner and author. A writer with a great sense of humour and a huge range...View Details

Peter and Kathleen talk to Business Advisor Stephen McInnes about the importance of a Value Proposition for any business and how to create one. Stephe...View Details

Authors Lew and Karen McIntyre talk about the advantages and fun of writing as a husband and wife team. The Yakking podcast...View Details

Peter and Kathleen with guest author Joanne Nesbitt talking about her life as a young wife and mother, career woman, college president and author. She...View Details

Peter and Kathleen chat about our "virtual" Go To Places where we escape from the frustrations of the coronavirus shutdown. Ireland for Kathleen and a...View Details

Publisher Anthony Raymond Michalski talks to Peter & Kathleen about different types of publishing and more tips for writers. The Yakking podcast i...View Details

Julie Witmer talks to Peter Wright and Kathleen Beauvais about her transition from archaeology to IT, then to making maps and some of the unusual maps...View Details

Gary Jones talks to Peter and Kathleen about changing careers, transferable skills and the importance of networking. Text Gary at 1-519-716-3592 or f...View Details

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