Archive for April 2020

Peter & Kathleen with guest Chuck Bartok about his secrets for a successful business, marketing, author and book promotion on social media and mor...View Details

Peter and Kathleen - Nancy Lou Henderson talks about becoming a successful author with3 published books, a poet and a blogger at an age when most peop...View Details

Kathleen asks Peter to talk about dealing with the ambush of his parents by terrorists in Rhodesia when his mother was critically injured and the murd...View Details

Peter Wright & Kathleen Beauvais talk to Stephen McInnes about using SWOT analysis as a tool for business survival in the upheaval of the coronavi...View Details

Peter Wright and Kathleen Beauvais talk to guest Andrea Kiff from about how a promotion business is surviving in a changing world.

Kathleen asks Peter about events in an extraordinary life. Stories about aeroplanes, the warthog and horses.

Peter and Kathleen talk to Rebecca Hempey of and Mary Palamarevic about innovating to survive in a changing world. 

Peter and Kathleen talk to Vesna Leonard about the nomadic lifestyle, working remotely and world schooling her children while travelling.

Peter and Kathleen talk to Stephen McInnes from about strategies and tactics for business survival in these disrupted times of shutdowns and ...View Details

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